Szobi Italgyártó Kft was established in 2009 as a company committed to the Szobi brand and its products.

Our goal is to produce high quality products that are capable of satisfying the ever changing consumer needs. We achieve this by building on our 40 years of manufacturing experience and the well-known status of the Szobi brand – while also keeping in mind the latest trends.

The notable product families in our current portfolio include fruit juices in tetra boxes, syrups, 100% fruit juices in glass bottles, lemon juices in PET bottles, and syrups in PET bottles.

The production of Szobi fruit juices in tetra boxes – that were once dominant products – restarted in April 2012 at Szob, the “ancient home” of the brand, on the original production line.

We manufacture these tetra juices in 0,2 and 1 liter packaging in various flavors (apple, peach, white grape, red grape, tomato, etc) with fruit content ranging between 12-25-50-100% - accommodating the consumer needs. Among these products one can find flavors that are unique on the market (apple-strawberry, apple-sour cherry).

The Golden Valley brand is well-known on the Hungarian market. This product family offers juices with 100% fruit content in flavors of beet, gold cocktail, and the new flavor of pomegranate – coming soon.

The company manufactures the Szobi syrups, one of the most well-known domestic syrups, made on the original production lines using the original recipes. The major flavors are raspberry and orange but our portfolio includes blackcurrant and sour cherry as well.

Our further products include Szobi lemon juice in PET bottles with 40% juice content, and tomato in 0,5 liter glass bottle.

We pay great attention to obtain most ingredients and materials from domestic manufacturers.